The Glenalmond Groups experience in the aerospace sector has seen us working to some of the most stringent industry standards. Delivering our exceptional standards, we have developed a proficient reputation throughout the industry for consistent quality and on-time delivery. Providing our unique offering from all of our companies has enabled us to offer clients in this sector an incomparable service in terms of efficiency and quality.
As a turnkey supplier we produce all critical components and services, in a timescale unrivalled by other companies. With our impressive Rapid Additive Manufacturing process, we can deliver 100% dense material with a buy-to-fly ratio that surpasses traditional forgings and castings.

Oil and Gas

With exceptional experience acquired in the oil and gas industry, the Glenalmond Group has built a strong reputation amongst our clients as a supplier who consistently delivers on time to the highest standards. The knowledge we have built up of this industry has enabled us to fully tailor our approach to suit this sector. By delivering not only a full turnkey service of products, we also possess the added benefit of being able to supply additional services alongside which has established us as one of the leading companies in the oil and gas market. By constantly working on adding more services to our offering and achieving all industry required standards we continue to offer our clients the exceptional service that they have come to expect from the Glenalmond Group.


The Glenalmond Group has built up a strong position supplying to the petrochemical industry for many years. We are able to use our unique range of services to deliver timely and effective solutions whilst maintaining the high quality standards our clients require. Offering our extensive range of services from our wide spanning facilities we can provide manufacturing, engineering and welding solutions for our clients in the petrochemical sector.


Our unique experience in the defence sector has allowed us to gain the trust of new clients which has led to a large amount of repeat business due to our exceptional quality and efficient service. The companies across the Glenalmond Group provide the best products and services for this sector by using the latest innovative technology, state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled teams.

Civil Nuclear

Using our vast amount of materials available to us, we can deliver exceptional quality of 3D printed products, engineering excellence and quality weld services. We have supplied to the civil nuclear sector for several years, offering world renowned services from the leading companies across the Glenalmond Group.