Glenalmond Technologies to produce a major component for Airbus using Rapid Additive Manufacturing (RAM) for the Wing of Tomorrow programme.

Following a successful collaboration between Airbus and Scottish-based company, Glenalmond Technologies, in the Innovate UK-sponsored Open Architecture Additive Manufacturing project, Airbus has selected Glenalmond Technologies to produce a landing gear rib for the Wing of Tomorrow programme.

Glenalmond is using its world-leading Rapid Additive Manufacturing (RAM) process.

Increased demands in performance and production rates require a radical new approach to the design and manufacturing of aircraft wings. The UK Aerospace Technology Institute-supported Wing of Tomorrow programme will explore the best materials, manufacturing and assembly techniques for the next generation of aircraft wings.

Glenalmond Technologies, part of the wider Glenalmond Group, will draw upon its strength as one of Scotland’s largest and most sophisticated private manufacturing companies employing more than 200 people.

Glenalmond Technologies is uniquely placed, building on the group’s expertise in cladding, welding, and machining some of the most demanding components for the oil and gas industries. The company has developed world-leading capabilities in additive manufacturing technology. The RAM process is one of the first to demonstrate high rate capability together with excellent material characteristics.

The Gear Rib will be one of the largest Titanium AM produced parts at a total weight of 413kg, with the potential to meet the material performance requirements of commercial aircraft.


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