About IODS

IODS Pipe Clad

Established in 2003 as a specialised division of International Oilfield Drilling Solutions (IODS), a leader in welding technology for over 30 years, IODS Pipe Clad focuses specifically on the weld overlay cladding of pipe lines internal surfaces.

With the best in class equipment combined with a qualified and experienced team who deliver 560 dedicated hours of service each week to ensure all projects are completed to meet strict deadlines. Our round the clock service enhances our productivity output whilst ensuring our service meets our exceptional high standards and rigorous industry specifications.

From our 6,400 sq m workshop, we are able to perform intricate and complex internal weld overlay cladding on an extensive range of pipes as well as offer pipe fabrication. From commonly used steel pipes to more complicated requirements, our experienced and highly trained welders possess the capabilities of working on a variety of pipes with internals from 3” diameter up to 6 meters in length and from 4” diameter pipes up to 12 metres in length.

IODS Oil Tool

Weld overlay cladding is an essential part of extending the service life and structure of components used in some of the harshest working conditions. Alongside our overlay, we possess a dedicated repair and overhaul division focussed on the repairs and replacements of these assets.

With extensive experience in the industry, we currently have a weld procedure library of over 500 procedures involving variants of base metal and weld overlay alloy combination. We have vast expertise in delivering weld overlay cladding on a variety of equipment including flanges, pipe fittings, connectors, bonnets, valves, flow spool equipment and Christmas tree blocks.

Our facilities include a range of clad machines from vertical Fronius ETR systems and vertical Fronius PA9000 systems through to fully automated PWHT furnaces and Fronius tilt tables. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide our clients with a broad range of services. This allows us to support an end to end fully managed service from front end contract reviews.

Our qualified and experienced team of welders provide round the clock high quality service within even the strictest of timescales without compromising on the quality.