About Glenalmond Technologies

Following 30 years welding experience, we have launched a new Division, Glenalmond Technologies and developed  Rapid Additive Manufacturing (RAM), a unique 3D printing process.

This process is capable of depositing class 1 aerospace standard titanium microstructure in an as-welded condition, with no post-processing required.

At Glenalmond Technologies, we now provide
a full turnkey service in additive manufacturing to the aerospace, oil and gas, and defence industries.

Our aim is to make 3D printing in high-grade metals more efficient in large volumes and have the capability to produce service ready parts.

We have full capability to print in high strength
alloys such as Titanium, Inconel, Aluminium and low alloy steel.

By using a local shielding device (patent pending)
we eliminate the need for an argon tent or vacuum chamber resulting in no practical size limit for components.

We currently have the capacity to deliver
6.5kg/hour deposition (potential to reach 13kg/hour) with 100% dense parts.