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Glenalmond Technologies Group

About Us

The Glenalmond Group is a private group of engineering
and manufacturing companies, based in Scotland. We work with a variety of
industries including aerospace, space, energy and defence, delivering a turnkey
and often custom service for specialised needs.

We have now combined our 30 years of welding knowledge
with our 25 years of high-precision machining to deliver a truly unique
offering: a turnkey additive and subtractive manufacturing service. Our Rapid
Additive Manufacturing process, also known as 3D printing, can deliver parts in
a variety of materials, including Titanium, Inconel and Aluminium, and we
already supply the aerospace and space sectors with production parts.

By combining our welding and machining expertise we can
work with our customers to optimise their designs for the future of
manufacturing, where design is not limited to traditional forgings.

With reductions in waste materials as high as 70% in
some cases, RAM offers savings not just in materials but in waste and energy

RAM also offers the potential to move to a net-zero
production capability meaning many parts leaving our factory will have a
net-zero carbon footprint upon delivery to customers, compared to traditional

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