The history of Glenalmond Group

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1983 - IODS Ltd

International Oilfield Drilling Supplies is created to service the North Sea.

1984 - Further expansion

Glenalmond Group established to house further expansion.

1987 - VCL established

VCL established to take on complex CNC machine work within the Oil & Gas market.

1990 - VCL & IODS begin to work together

Demand for critical service components drive integration of welding and machining to offer a turnkey service under one company.

2006 - VCL moves to new larger premises

This move to a new facility reflects the new high technology focus.

2007 - IODS Pipe Clad created

IODS Pipe Clad was formed to serve severe corrosion protection equipment requirements, often in the form of weld-overlay of internal stainless steel pipes to reduce cost of overall pipelines whilst maintaining a safe corrosive resistant internal surface for extreme conditions.

2010 - High quality fabrication

High quality fabrication is brought in-house.

2013 - Turnkey service

Group entity begins to offer combines turnkey service for large projects.

2015 - Glenalmond Technologies formed

Following a strategic investment by the Group to evolve as well as diversify, GATech is formed to develop, with Cranfield University, the world’s first commercial WAAM Additive Manufacturing service.

2016 - James Bolland Engineering acquired

JBE was brought into the Group in a move to add complex design and fixture manufacturing to complement the new 3D printing service.

2017 - World’s first commercial WAAM printer installed

Printing parts which are then machined in house, tested and delivered to customers.