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The Glenalmond Group entered the Aerospace sector and quickly began to build a reputation to equal that which we enjoyed in other sectors; as a group, we bring our standards, expectations of quality and commitment to on time delivery to every project we participate in. In an industry with such stringent quality standards, the Glenalmond Group endeavours to not only meet but to set the bar for what is acceptable. Our unique Turnkey Additive Manufacturing service, TAM, allowed us to offer customers unrivalled cost and time savings, without any loss of quality, indeed often we exceeded previous industry requirements with our WAAM additive manufacturing process, which can deliver 100% dense material and a buy-to-fly ratio that leave traditional forgings and castings still taxiing on the runway.

With this service we cut lead times, reduce costs and improve quality to deliver superior products at high-competitive prices and in a unequalled timeframes.


Oil & Gas

With over thirty years in the Oil & Gas industry, the Glenalmond Group has built a reputation amongst our customers as reliable suppliers who deliver above spec and on time, every time.

With our knowledge of the market, we help our customers achieve more with innovation and collaboration between the group companies. Delivering a turnkey service has never been more important than in the modern manufacturing environment and we are continually adding more abilities and skills to our portfolio to bring the future to our projects.



The Glenalmond Group has built a strong reputation that gives our customers the assurance their products are in good hands. With innovative technology we can cut lead times, reduce costs and even improve quality to deliver superior products at high-competitive costs and in a unrivalled timeframes.



Civil Nuclear

With our unique Turnkey Additive Manufacturing service, we are able to offer economic and time saving solutions to the Civil Nuclear industry where project delays can have immense cost repercussions. With our ability to ‘3D Print,’ a variety of metals and multiple depositions, we can offer solutions for even this extreme environment where traditional manufacturing might take too long and suffer an extended supply chain. We offer one turnkey package meaning we can monitor the process 100% from design to delivery to ensure that our customers receive the Glenalmond quality assurance and the peace of mind that this entails.



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